An expensive camera does not necessarily take great pictures

Some lessons of life are best learnt from experience and photography happens to be one of them. Even after intense school work and demonstration by people who have been there, individual trial and error serves a very crucial role in taking pictures. The analogy that failure teaches more than success does apply in this regard. That said, it is important to also appreciate the fact that moving over some steps needs the push of those who have been there before. There is something about photography that only the eyes of the person taking the pictures can see. Here are three key lessons on photography that will not be taught in any class; 

There is a general desire among photography students and those already practicing the trade to buy one of several key brands of cameras. The truth of the matter as far as getting the right cameral model is that all cameras there is nothing like a better camera. Seeing the nature of equipment that professional photographers use, it is heartbreaking because most do not realize that some people have taken quality pictures for long with just a smartphone. 

Why then do some people consider themselves better than others based on the type of camera they are using? The only thing that should really matter before you take your spot behind a camera is the basic operation guide. With the smartphone revolution, a key eye is all that is needed to produce affordable eyes. 

Proficiency is the one single most important consideration when taking photographs. By allowing room for mistakes, those who learn from their own mistakes learn faster and better. This also applies to the photo-processing stage of photography. It is no doubt a big name but not as complicate as people might think. For professionals to agree that the negative is a mark of their score while the photo print represents their performance, everything in photography falls short of being perfect.  

Every photographer, new and old should understand that snapping a photograph that will fall under the perfection category is never going to happen. There is no doubt that better works are achieved with practice but this path never comes to an end. Expect personal evolution to take place as you constantly apply lessons you have learnt along the way. 


Knowing that there is nothing like a better camera and photography prowess never attains climax, are realities worth taking note of.