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Cleaning Mistakes That Leave You House Unhealthy

Cleaning a house looks such a routine task that it would be hard to get it wrong, but is this always the case? It is surprising how much dust, dirt and small creatures can get left behind after cleaning. The fact that there is no visible dirt does not mean that the house is dirt free.  Professional end of tenancy cleaning services says these are the most common mistakes that can leave behind germs in a house.

An unplanned routine

There is a methodology for a good cleaning. Experts recommend cleaning from top to bottom. Cleaning the floor first before cleaning the utensils and kitchen counters would mean that food particles drop to the floor. These food bits are just what the vermin’s in the house are looking for.

Failure to disinfect utensils and crockery

The cooking ware and utensils hold a lot of bacteria if not properly cleaned. A meat cutting board, for example, holds loads of bacteria from the rotting meat leftovers. Cleaning such an item completely requires using a disinfectant to kill off lingering germs.

Using dirty cleaning towels and sponges

Using a dirty kitchen towel or sponge makes nonsense of your cleaning. These cleaning fabrics hold many bacteria especially if they are not rinsed off and disinfected after cleaning. You should always clean a sponge or towel before using it. This also prevents these germs jumping on to your hands.

Not airing and washing bedclothes and mattress

The bed is a good breeding ground for a variety of pests including dust mites, lice and bedbugs. Dust mites can cause allergies while other parasites will make your nights very uncomfortable. The bedclothes should be aired every morning after waking up. The mattress cover should be washed in hot water at least once a week.

An unclean dishwasher

The dishwasher is also a good breeding ground for mold and fungi, especially on the edges of the door. The outer surfaces should be sponged off with hot water every time this appliance is used.

An unclean trash can

The insides of a trash can should be cleaned every time you clean the garbage is taken out. Trash cans hold moisture and food bits that encourage the growth of mold, fungi as well as attract vermin like cockroaches. Trash cans should be cleaned with hot water and placed upside down to dry.

Failure to dust under the furniture

Professional end of tenancy cleaning services says this is a common mistake, especially when cleaning around heavy furniture that is intimidating to lift. The accumulating dust can cause dust allergies if it remains hidden.

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