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Are You Attracting the Right Quality of Tenants?

There is nothing you can do about the location of your property as a landlord. That leaves working on its attractiveness in features and as a clean living space. It is possible to ask for a higher rent than your neighbours if you can demonstrate to the prospective tenants that they are getting value for their money. It also involves knowing and actively marketing to the kind of clientele you desire. Here are a few tips for attracting the right quality of tenants.

List desirable tenant characteristics

Do you want students, young professionals, or a mix of tenants? Do you want pets on the premises? Is your property a smoking or smoke-free zone? List down these desired characteristics and look at how your property matches them.

Put in facilities/amenities

If you need to attract students, for example, you probably need to install wifi. If you are keen on young professional tenants, you may need to convert one of the rooms into a gym. Look at the desired amenities of your target tenants.

If you are targeting the middle age working class you might think of having add-ons like built in wardrobes, extra storage, and friendlier lighting and aluminium kitchen appliances.

Make the house presentable

With a presentable house, you are able to ask for higher rent from a position of strength. Engage an end of lease cleaning London Services Company to make the house as presentable as possible. Some of these companies offer a wide range of house preparation services.

You will need to do basic repairs and renovations. These include covering any cracks, dents and chipping on the floor and walls. Any plumbing leaks should be fixed. A few fixture changes like changing bathroom fixtures can give the house a new look.

Ask the end of lease cleaning London Company to do professional cleaning from the ceiling to the floor in the whole house. Any speck of dirt, pet droppings or scrap paper should be cleared.  Lingering smells should also be eliminated with natural fragrances.

Market to your clientele

Make ad copy that resonates with your target clients.  Something like ‘Low rent 3bedroom house share 3oo meters from the tube station’ would work for students, but working class people would be more interested in more than the rent.

Screen your tenants

You need to establish a system to quickly sift through the tenant enquiries. The standard questions should be on profession, marital status, pets, smoking, drinking, friends, and prior tenancy. You should also check out credit scores to know whether your prospective clients are willing and able to pay.